Wherein We Wish Julian Stolz A Happy Birthday As He Tries To Restart His Political Career

PoliticsMaybe our new Inspector of Elections would like to explain how a non-physical relationship left the 15-year-old love of his life smelling like him. That must have been some intense hand-holding!

Facebook July30 2008 - Copy


Wherein Julian Stolz Is A Creep, A Coward, And A Moron Until The Bitter End

A few hours before a vote was scheduled to take place on Mr Stolz’s resignation from the East Penn School Board, he broke his Twitter silence to announce he would skip the meeting and take his girlfriend to an amusement park instead. Mr Stolz then added the following cryptic and threatening tweets.


Creep2.338 Winchester Magnum and .375 Holland & Holland Magnum are rifle cartridges designed for killing large and dangerous animals. The tweet was made in response to no one and in reference to nothing, just your average elected official randomly commenting about high-powered ammunition minutes before his colleagues were set to remove him from his position.

Threats aside, the board voted 7-0 in favor of his resignation. As for our young lovers, their adventures at the theme park were cut short due to Mr Stolz’s continued idiocy.
Creep3Good riddance, scumbag.

Wherein Julian Stolz Admits To Dating Minors and Contacting 14 Year Olds In His Mid-Twenties, Feels He’s The Real Victim

Confession 1If there was nothing illicit about the Teenspot.com profile, why did Mr Stolz rush to delete it upon learning it had been found? Clearly, he knew it was wrong and improper, yet maintained it until the very moment he learned people in the community had learned about its existence.

What possible explanation could be given for continuing to contact minors online at the age of 24? Remember, in addition to the 17-year-old he was calling “babydoll” and pleading to let him text, Mr Stolz has been shown to have been in contact with a child who was either 13 or 14 years old at the time. What could a 24-year-old stranger possibly have to say to a 14-year-old child on the Internet?

The fact that he began a relationship with a 16-year-old online when he was 20, then made it a sexual relationship once she turned 18 is incredibly troubling.

Confession 2Yet, while he was pursuing the 16-year-old girl online, he fully admits that he was “dating” a 15-year-old East Penn student for 4 months. Regardless if the relationship “never became sexual” (and we only have Mr Stolz’s word to go on with that), Mr Stolz clearly saw nothing wrong with romantically involved with a 15-year-old girl, save for a perceived political conflict of interest.

It appears that any girl, no matter how young, is fair game to Mr Stolz so long as he believes its love at first sight and claims that it’s non-sexual in nature. As a School Director, he has extensive access to children, any one whom may be next to produce a twinkle in his eye. As illustrated above, there is a precedent for these relationships then becoming sexual.

Finally, let’s remember the position Mr Stolz took concerning books on the East Penn Optional Summer Reading list:

“I understand that this is just optional reading,” Stolz said. “I would not feel comfortable reading this content out loud at a board meeting. If I did, I would be charged with the corruption of the morals of minors.”

The man who feels that a student is too young and immature to read The Electric Acid Koolaid Test is still old enough for him to contact while shirtless online or to date in person.

This is sick. This is disgusting. This man should not have access to our children.

Wherein Julian Stolz Was Apparently Involved With Underaged Female Emmaus High School Students While Serving As A School Director

This was sent from a confidential source. I have no reason to doubt its authenticity. I have redacted identifying information of one of the participants because of her age at the time.

REDACTED Facebook Chat Jul 30 2009 - Copy

The Redacted Name belongs to Julian Stolz’s current girlfriend. She’s 20 now. On July 30th, 2009, when this conversation took place, she was 16 and a student at Emmaus High School. Mr Stolz was in his second year on the school board. In it, she pastes to a friend a recent conversation she had with Mr Stolz. In it, he scolds her posting information about their relationship because “it could be used to ruin” him.

Allegedly, their interaction began in 2008, when she was 15. Mr Stolz was 20-21 and on the School Board at the time. These screenshots of her Facebook page support that allegation.

REDACTED Facebook July30 2008 - Copy REDACTED Facebook Jun19 2008 - CopyRecently, Mr Stolz and his girlfriend celebrated their 3-month anniversary together. Or was it?


5 years. 2008 – 2013. Again, no allegations of criminal behavior have been made, but we have proof that Mr Stolz contacted several underaged girls while serving as an East Penn School Director. Now, we have evidence that this improper contact extended to East Penn students as well.

UPDATE: Mr Stolz and his girlfriend have responded to this blog post on Twitter:
5 Long YearsAND ONE MORE:


Wherein Julian Stolz Admits He’s SovereignImmunity On Teenspot, Claims He’s Being Portrayed In A “False Light”

This afternoon, School Board Director Julian Stolz reached out to a source on Facebook about our recent blog posts.

Chat 1Chat 2Chat 3Chat 4Chat 5Chat 6Readers of the blog know there was never any allegation of criminal wrongdoing written here. The fact that a School Director in his mid-twenties was on a Teens Only website contacting girls as young as 14 as recently as 2012 is newsworthy and should concern every parent in the district.

When asked point-blank if he was using the account to contact a 14 year-old girl, Mr Stolz claims he is being portrayed in a false light, but never denies the contact took place or anything else that has been reported about him and Teenspot.com

These questions remain unanswered:

1. Why did a 25-year-old school director maintain a shirtless profile on a Teens Only website until August of 2013?

2. Why was a shirtless 25-year-old school director pleading with a 17-year-old minor to text him and calling her “babydoll” in March of 2012?

3. Why did a shirtless 25-year-old school director become online friends with a 13 or 14-year-old girl who “loves to flirt” in either 2011 or 2012? What contact or messages were exchanged with this girl?

4. What other girls has he contacted and when? His messages say he had a romantic relationship with at least one girl he met on the site. How old was she when contact began and are there other girls he later began romantic relationships with?

5. Finally, for parents in the district, how do you feel knowing that this man has been in Emmaus High School twice a month for the last 6 years, and has had access to schools and children across the district for the entirety of that time?

Feel free to leave comments and please remember there is a School Board meeting at Emmaus High this Monday Night, 7:30pm. 800 Pine Street, Emmaus, PA.

Wherein We Look At Some Of Shirtless Julian Stolz’s Friends On Teenspot.com

17 TeenspotDate of Birth: December 10, 1994. On March 16, 2012, when she was 17 years old, our Conservative Crusader messaged her “miss you babydoll ❤ hope to talk to you again soon! Toldya you should have let me text you! :p”

15 TeenspotDate of Birth: April 27, 1998. As Mr Stolz was last active on the site in 2012, this means contact would have had to occur when she was either 13 or 14 years old. She’s only 15 now.

Why is a shirtless School Director in his mid-20s contacting girls so young on a Teens Only website?

Wherein Shirtless School Director Julian Stolz Displays Conservative Values On A Young Teen Dating Site

Sovereign Immunity Pre-DeletionTeenspot.com is a website most frequently used by teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17, yet Mr Stolz actively maintained a profile on it until the age of 25 under the name “Sovereignimmunity.” Upon learning that we received this information, the profile was immediately deleted. Sadly for Mr Stolz, he didn’t do a very good job covering his tracks.

And this wasn’t his first rodeo in the world of Teenspot.

So much more to come.

UPDATE: More about Teenspot.com

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